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My success mantra is love what you do, be persistent and consistent in doing every work and you will definitely achieve success. Be strong , have faith in yourself , work hard and never let any negative comments breach you. Just never ever  give up and never ever stop believing that you got this. “Success depends on making the right move at the right time”.

Khushi Ram Arora (CEO / Founder)
Kushi Ram Arora CEO at The Sharda Institute

About us

Sharda Institute was established in the year 2016. Our institute stands fully prepared today to meet the challenges of the changing times. The aim of the Institute has always been to produce enlightened and potential students. Since the beginning, we have made quality our top priority. To provide an environment conducive to the development of progressive thinking. To set new qualitative standards in education by employing innovative approaches. Each of our actions will strive towards excellence in the field of education and in our personal growth. Besides being committed to academic excellence and providing education for all round development, another special characteristic of our institute is the appreciation of the worth of the each student. The exposure and knowledge offered to a child result in shaping a perfect character.


We welcome every child to a promising future, we greet every parent to bank on us and we embrace every opportunity for holistic growth and development. Each and every happening around us creates a learning process. Learning is perennial and learning process happens all over; be it home or institute.
We firmly believe that learning is a lifelong process and no system of learning can be better than the system of learning by doing.

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